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Food VR

If you’re interested in integrating VR technology such as virtual menus into your restaurant or just want a virtual reality carousel to share on social media.

Wedding VR

If you’re interested in having a virtual reality booth set up at your wedding reception or if you want to create a VR carousel that you can share with your wedding guests, start here!

Real Estate

 Let Yourvrbox capture and produce a 360 video that will put your audience inside the property itself. Videos can be shared on Facebook and Youtube and will serve as a great tool to scale your audience.

Merse Box Music

Combine audio & visuals in a 360 format to highlight the inspiration behind your music. Our mission is to enable artist from around the world to be able to provide their audience an amazing immersive experience. 

Promo VR

Interested in a vr video that will highlight your product, service, event, facility opening?


Thinking of something outside the box. Give us the details and we’ll do our best to accomodate your needs.