Where Weddings meet Virtual Reality

Where Weddings meet Virtual Reality

Create an experience that lasts a lifetime.

Where Weddings meet Virtual Reality

Create an experience that lasts a lifetime.

By Robert Johnson

Weddings are beautiful events that symbolize the union of two people that have found each other in these crazy times that we live in. Celebrating with the people they love most in the world is key. Wedding traditions and entertainment are changing rapidly by the year. The most important part of any event will always be what remains, what is remembered – the image that goes with it. This is why couples usually have a professional photographer on hand. So now that it’s 2018, why not change things and include Virtual Reality in your wedding?

YourVRbox, an industry leader in virtual reality now offers a modern, fun and different solution when it comes to images at weddings. See one of their wedding collages HERE.

Why opt for just the traditional photo booth or some other type of entertainment when you can choose a unique idea that will surprise all your guests, a Virtual Reality wedding collage. They provide couples with custom VR Videos or Images and custom VR boxes that complement each other well but available separately.

“It allows your guests to enter your world from a more intimate angle, a 360-degree angle to be exact.”

With times rapidly changing, the biggest technological breakthroughs have happened in the last couple of years. These gadgets have waddled their way into our lives and we couldn’t imagine our lives any different. Why not think outside the box? Into their box.

Thanks to advances in technology, you can do just that, in a 360-degree Virtual Reality wedding collage. A Virtual Reality collage lets you and your guests enjoy multiple photos from multiple angles. These can be put into the VR collage for all to enjoy and relive the experience. If you have relatives or friends that cannot attend the wedding ceremony, a Virtual Reality collage will allow them to get a better feel of the wedding day as accessibility to Facebook and social media is all that is needed.

Having a Virtual Reality wedding collage will definitely make your wedding memorable and it will entertain your guests. A Virtual Reality wedding collage from the couple can show the guests, and milestones that led them to where they are, their big day. It could be from their first moments of getting to know each other to an engagement photo session they had specially made for the wedding VR collage. It allows your guests to enter your world from a more intimate angle, a 360-degree angle to be exact.

Having a Virtual Reality wedding collage allows your guests to be put right in the middle of those moments. Creating a more intimate feel to the whole experience. All they have to do is wear the headset and be a part of your world. The creators at Yourvrbox create these collages for the experience before, on, and after the wedding day. You can have a Virtual Reality station set up at your wedding for all to gather there. It will be the hottest spot at your wedding, like a water-cooler at work but with a digital twist in evening attire.

They can also create customized VR headsets with any design that the couple wishes. A design with a photo of themselves or anything they choose to have on the headsets at the wedding. These headsets make for great gifts at your wedding. Your guest will be grateful and happy with your unique idea of a VR headset. These are items they can use on several other occasions.

After the event has passed the couple can share these collages on their Facebook page for all to see and re-live. In these times that we live in, everything is accelerated and keeping up has become more of a pleasure than it once was. Bring the era of technological advancement to your wedding.

Everything is visual nowadays. A photo is worth a thousand words, what does that make a collection of VR photos?