VR - Giving a New Definition to Connectivity

By Abdullah Minaj

It goes with saying, Virtual reality (VR) is one of the most talked about buzzwords when it comes to cutting edge technology. Many major tech corporations such as Samsung and Sony have begun the integration of VR, recognizing its potential in various industries such as entertainment and communications. A large part of this growth is due to the introduction of VR headsets incorporated with devices such as mobile phones and gaming consoles. To make this technology accessible to the general public, the need to generate interest needs to increase as well in order to ship VR headsets worldwide to increase impact. Understanding the need to provide VR headsets to the public delivers great value.

VR headsets contribute greatly in the education sector and can change how we view classroom environments. With the availability of VR headsets, students can learn about different topics by experiencing each topic in virtual environments. For instance, they can learn about historical figures by interacting with them in the virtual world or they can learn about a remote desert island by witnessing it virtually. The possibilities are endless as we can help students learn through experience rather than theoretically explaining something through textbooks. While books and knowledge will always have a place in education, the VR experience would enhance their learning and be the driving force to help students retain information.

“Connecting with our loved ones or completing business meetings can be re-engineered for productivity and intimacy with VR”

VR headsets will revolutionize communication worldwide. While video calls have been a great for personalizing meetings over long distances, VR headsets will take it one step further. VR meetings will become the next advancement in the business world and personal world when it comes to long distance interaction. The possibility to meet someone in a virtual environment and interact with them as if they were personally there creates value in many different ways.  Combining video conferences and VR will add value to the quality of the meeting itself while having each individual engaged throughout the meeting due to the immersive content. Imagine, all attendees located in various place across the nation or worldwide come together in a virtual conference room and conduct their meeting.

Finally, the impact of VR on entertainment will be unprecedented. As for movies, the immersion will place you right in the middle of the action defining a unique and creative experience. Similarly, video games are already achieving this by leveraging VR games that create an interactive world itself. The perspective would be so new and interesting that it would only enhance these activities and and make it more similar to the real world.

Having highlighted the benefits of VR headsets, we will continue to unravel its capabilities with integration and time. The world is already connected with the internet but VR would advance us to that next step and allow us to experience each other’s world more intimately. The need for this creativity is here, especially with the troublesome times and disconnection. It’s crucial we leave an impact for generations to come by learning through different perspectives like it’s reality. This topic can only be achieved if VR headsets are accessible to all walks of life in order to overcome intangibles and become closer to one another.