By Robert Johnson

Why Restaurants should use VR Videos for Advertisement?

Why Restaurants should use VR Videos for Advertisement?

By Tim Tom

The Impact of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) has become a valuable extension for marketing purposes as it provides the next best thing to a first-hand experience.  A popular utilization of VR, for advertisement purposes, can be achieved through VR videos. To explain this concept, VR videos are fully immersive videos that places the viewer at the center of the action and allows them to explore the environment captured within the video. In the restaurant industry perspective, this creative outlet is available as great asset to effectively portray a menu at the fullest capacity.

“The capabilities of VR have yet to be unleashed in todays market”

What value is provided to the Customer?

The biggest winner with use of VR would be the customer as it would have the greatest impact on their experience. The customer is promised get a more immersive experience on a whole that can allow them to get the best value out of their every visit. One way to achieve this is through VR menus for the customers. A common complaint of the customer is that restaurants, at times, fail to replicate dishes as shown on pictures on the menu cards. With VR menus, they can actually see how any particular dish looks like in prepared form. They would also be able to view what variants of a particular dish is possible and how to best make use of add-ons to make the dining experience even better and tantalizing. This is especially useful when you are trying something new and exotic as you may not be entirely aware of the best method of its consumption. Moreover, the access to the menu itself would become more dynamic and they can view their dishes of their choice with much more ease. Often, the customer finds it tedious to turn through each page of the menu card in search of their preferred type of cuisine. This is quite frequent in the scenario when there are a lot of options to choose from. With VR, the customer can avoid the hassle and can interact with the options on offer in a much more efficient way.

What other Benefits are there?

VR videos give an in-depth overview about the details of a particular restaurant. There are multiple aspects that can be highlighted using these videos. Imagine a menu being advertised directly to the customer in a 360-degree view along with the footage of the dish itself. As a result, the customer would have a much better understanding of the food available. This is merely not restricted to the food itself. These VR videos can be used to provide virtual tours of the restaurant. The customer can move around within the confines of the virtual recreation of the restaurant and observe the details. They can see if the arrangement and the method of service is in accordance to their taste while the restaurant has a great opportunity to showcase themselves to their target audience. Along with presenting the ambience of the restaurant, staff members, such as chefs and waiters, can be integrated within these videos as well. By learning about the people involved within the venture, potential customers can develop a much deeper bond with the restaurant as they would be aware of the story behind the food.